Ultra-broadband terahertz detection

Our Terahertz detector, based on the Terahertz Field Induced Second Harmonic principle, allows to record Terahertz fields with extremely large bandwidth from sources using intense or moderate probes. It takes advantage of a novel technique called Solid-State Biased Coherent Detection (SSBCD).

The detector can be easily implemented in a Terahertz Time-Domain-Spectroscopy setup.

Classical Terahertz Time-Domain-Spectroscopy setup used for material characterization.

Our detector features:
– An ultra-broadband THz detection bandwidth
– A low-power consumption (low bias voltage and optical power)
– Excellent Signal to Noise Ration (SNR)
– Detection sensitivity down to the nW level
– Ambiant temperature operations
– Compact and Lightweight packaging

SSBCD device
Comparison of the SSBCD THz spectrum of an ibuprofen pellet with the FTIR spectrum. We can see here that the SSBCD technique allows to identify the compound in an unambiguous way.