Interferometric stabilization system

Fiber optics sensing

For optimum accuracy, optical measurement systems that make use of fiber-based interferometers need to implement stabilization approaches.
Ki3 Photonics proposes a new system that comprises an unbalanced fiber-based interferometer which integrates a phase readout and stabilization system that guarantees long-term phase stability, enabling the precise determination of the phase, even at feedback signal maxima thus allowing for unprecedented stability in both short- and long-term fiber interferometer operations.

The proposed phase readout and active stabilization of fiber-based interferometers are extremely attractive for the possibility to e.g. directly generate quantum entangled states in the telecom band – an essential element in the construction of quantum information systems (based on quantum key distribution, or QKD) and quantum computers.

Kiave – Interferometric stabilization system

Kiave is pertinent to various interferometer types such as the Michelson and Mach–Zehnder configurations, or for interferometers with more ports.

Kiave meets all the requirements for an easy integration in fiber-based quantum experiments. Enclosed in a 19” rack mount the stabilization system is coupled to an external fiber-based interferometer.

Key applications

Among the broad range of applications, Kiave can be critical for achieving time-bin entangled quantum stations. Thanks to a phase stability up to <0.0002 rad/pi it is an essential element to achieve quantum photonic supremacy. For example, Kiave has been critical in the generation of multiphoton entangled quantum states by means of integrated frequency combs as well as high-dimensional one-way quantum processing implemented on d-level cluster states. (see ref. [1-2] for the details of experimental setup and methods).

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